Welcome to bboyhk.com!

The reason I started bboyhk.com was because I felt that bboys in HK / Macau cannot only use facebook as a social tool,it is not concentrated enough. If I could integrate facebook login with a small community forum that everyone would use,I will be quite happy. In doing this I hope to help the bboy community in HK grow even larger.

Why I think only using facebook events are not as great as it seems -

I found a lot of times you only know about an event if you’re invited to it.
Even if you DO know about an event when you try to find it,if you forgot to click ‘attending’its very difficult to find.
Clips from Jams will be easier to find and share on a forum.
Too many ads asking you to buy this or buy that!

For me,this is enough to make me want to do something about it,I hope everyone will share my same thoughts.

歡迎來到 bboyhk.com!




-Bboy Joeyo –SSSM crew / Flame Illusion crew